Portfolio & Projects

Big Data Analysis and Visualization on Women Harassment

The project is about the data visualization from big data source on over 40 thousand reports published on Dhaka Tribune newspaper over four years. The graph represents numerous significant facts about how media publishes reports and follow up on different incidents.

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Inside the Night Sky (Virtual Reality Simulation for NASA)

This is a Virtual Reality (VR) Simulation of the space outside the Earth with low gravity & real time experience as an astronaut. The game is to simulate the real life experience of an astronaut on the moon. This is a simulation that gives the user an experience of low-gravity and limited-oxygen in outer space. Click here for more details and demo video and direct link to NASA Website featuring the project.

Hear Me:

A personal assistant & interactive app which will act as your safety guard 24X7. Click here to view more about the features & to see the demo video.


BatBand is a real-time motion sensor wearable wrist band prototype. The materials I’ve used are Arduino nano, Gyroscope, a Bluetooth module: HC05. It monitors an individual’s sleep patterns whether s/he has light or deep sleep pattern. This can help a doctor evaluate their patient’s conditions over a certain period of time by only making the patient wear the wristband every night while sleeping. Click here for details.

MIT Makers’ Lab Project:

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BatBand Demonstration & Data Visualization:

A simple Data Visualization of the values of Standard Deviation of the x,y,z co-ordinates during the continuous movement of hand: Click here for details.


TeachSpeech is a platform independent online web application for interactive speech therapy. It uses speech recognition and gives real-time feedback on the accuracy of one’s speech. This project is mainly aimed at people who lost their flexibility in speech due to any mishap or has a stuttering problem. Click here for details.

Mechanical Design Analysis: OpenSCAD project & 3D printing:

I built prototypes using cork sheet and toothpicks to create different DoFs and apply it in a simple mechanical structure. The rapid prototype building is a skill which hels a lot to actually visualize our ideas. Building a prototype also ensures the final physical structure, stability and the approximations about the project. I also made OpenSCAD project which is basically an example of CSG tree (Constructive Solid Geometry Tree) generation. There are multiple cubes, cylinder and spheres. I applied difference(), translate(),  rotate(), linear_extrude() etc functions. Click here for details.

Design Analysis & Wallet Prototype:

The whole project was based on the course “An introduction to Design thinking” by Hasso Plattner from Institute of Design at Stanford. This course is taught at the D-School at Stanford.
Design analysis points to the systematic approach of designing a certain process for accomplishing any task or project. Click here for details.

Finding Ahiraf:

A 2-D fighting game of single player with different levels to fight against many enemies.  It contains multiple features along with extra feature which are added later to make the game more exciting. The goal of the hero is to find a person named Ahiraf. The story pop-ups as well as the increase of difficulty of hardness along with the progress of levels enhance its charm. There’s a menu on the beginning containing Play Now, How to play, Credits and Exit game tabs for the convenience of the users. The navigation and movement of the player will be controlled by the input from keyboard by the user while the navigation and movement with the spontaneity of the evil will be determined by using the basic level of “artificial intelligence” of computer. Click here for details.

Kiddy Kingdom:

An android app designed for the kids to learn Alphabets, Counting numbers, different colors and some well-known rhymes through a very interactive, cheerful and animated environment. In the Colors section, the names of the colors are pronounced with an animated patch of the respective color. The Rhymes section comes with an animated rhyme-telling with alluring tones which is continued in an endless loop so that busy parents get an assistance to keep their titter toddlers engaged through this app. Click here for the app details.

Safety Ensured:

Safety Ensured- A complete app for safety around the world, an initiative against domestic violence in 3rd-world country & all crimes round the globe. The rate of daily mishaps/violent crimes (robbery/sexual assault/domestic violence/rape) has increased like never before. Haven’t you ever felt afraid while walking alone in a desolate street in the middle of night? Here’s ultimate solution. This app differs from all apps in the world, including Special features against “domestic violence” which seems to be too much neglected in all other existing app! It’s a matter of shame that we seem to forget our beloved mothers/sisters who are being victimized of domestic violence everyday! Click here to view the detailed features of the app.

Safety Ensured Video Demonstration:

For the live demonstration of the Safety Ensured app, hit this link.